Beck Inc. Services

With over 65 years of combined commercial real estate experience, Our Team strives for excellence in exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our Mission is based on service –  not sales. Each client relationship is a privilege and we pride ourselves on building rewarding long-term relationships.   Our Team knows that communication, and understanding the needs of our clients, are crucial to success for our clients. We also have an extended network both locally and across the Southeast to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest level of service wherever their requirement may be. Our Team always remembers that after each transaction is completed, the relationship endures.


Landlord Representation

Our Team uses a personalized approach partnering with each Landlord to understand the ownership’s strategy and goals and to provide consistent service delivery.  Services include analyzing each property and trade area as well as future market trends.  We research similar projects and competition in the market to determine what works in order to create a marketing and leasing plan geared to each individual Landlord’s property. Our Team creates, executes and manages the plan. We also work closely with the Property Management team to monitor tenancy, lease expirations and operations. We leverage our experience, as both a Developer and a Landlord ourselves, to create a marketing plan always focusing on added value. We also provide input on budgets, Landlord’s Work regarding new Tenants, and recommended Tenant Improvement allowances. We are committed to increasing leasing efforts for our Landlords to fill vacancies with quality long-term tenants and create a well balanced tenant mix.  Our Mission is to consistently work towards maximizing highest value for our clients’ assets.


Tenant Representation – Retail

We are dedicated to a customized  approach in understanding each Tenant’s needs and goals including site selection, expansion strategy, relocations, budget and timing.  Our Team understands that we are the face of each Tenant and always conduct ourselves accordingly. Our tenure in the industry provides us with an extensive contact base throughout the brokerage and development community.  Because Our Team keeps itself engrained in the community, we are often aware of new space availabilities before the listings become active. This gives our clients an edge in finding the proper space.  Services include honest and objective advice, market analysis, careful site selection, and ethical and effective negotiations. We study each trade area to better understand the consumer, trends, and competition in the retail landscape in order to find the best locations for our clients. We evaluate options, opportunities and manage the transaction – which are all critical to effective and profitable real estate decision-making. We realize our success is dependent on the success of our clients, therefore we look at each location and the deal as though it is for us personally. We do not hesitate to recommend walking away from a deal that is not optimal for the success of our Tenant.